What physicians say:
  • “Short and to the point…”
  • “Great examples…”
  • “Good reminders…”
  • “Ask-Tell-Ask Model very powerful…”
  • “Concrete skills, not platitudes…”
  • “Really good videos…”
  • “You don’t have to finish in one sitting…”
  • “Convenient…”
  • “Easy way to get CMEs… and worth the time”
  • “Why weren’t these skills taught in medical school?”
Anna Likhacheva

“Sometimes you forget the real reason that you went into medicine – to help people and to really offer them peace of mind during times of distress. This program really does a nice job of breaking down the doctor-patient relationship and what’s important about that… I feel like it has solidified my relationships with my patients… And it spills over into the co-worker environment as well.”

Dr. Anna Likhacheva, Radiation Oncology, Banner MD Anderson

Thomas Corson

“The Language of Caring® is like having my own personal guide teaching me the ‘art’ of medicine. My patients and even their family members are thanking me for the care and attention I have provided them even though the amount of time I spend with them hasn’t changed. This should be made a mandatory course in every medical school curriculum.”

Thomas Corson, DO, Emergency Physician, Banner McKee Medical Center

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