Objectives & Highlights

Module 1

The Communication Solution

Objectives: Identify seven advanced competencies critical to effective physician communication with patients, families, and colleagues.

Module 2

Mindful Practice

Objectives: Demonstrate the practice of intentional mindfulness during interactions with patients, families and coworkers, to tune into patients more fully and gain greater fulfillment in your everyday practice of medicine.

Module 3

Collaboration and Teamwork

Objectives: Sharpen concrete strategies that build productive, supportive and harmonious relationships with colleagues in order to provide the best possible patient care and reduce the stresses in team-delivered care.

Module 4

Effective Openings and Closings

Objectives: Employ best practices in communication at the start of a visit – in order to connect, build trust, engage the patient, and partner to set a manageable visit agenda. And employ best practices during closings  to ensure understanding, commitment to the care plan, a sense of closure and a positive memory of you and your care.

Module 5

Engaging Patients and Families as Partners

Objectives: Identify and sharpen concrete strategies that increase patient and family engagement and partnership in care, the care plan and follow-through for optimal results.

Module 6

Communicating with Empathy

Objectives: Strengthen the concrete verbal and nonverbal skills that communicate empathy and acknowledge patients’ and their family members’ feelings.

Module 7

Effective Explanations

Objectives: Be able to use the state-of-the-art “Ask-Tell-Ask” Model to provide effective explanations and ensure patient understanding.

Module 8

Hard Conversations

Objectives: Be able to initiate and conduct an effective hard conversation in a way most likely to achieve the results you want.

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