Advanced Communication for Physicians will help you tackle these common challenges:
  • Reduced autonomy
  • Endless paperwork
  • Time pressure
  • The strain of defensive medicine
  • Anxiety about CAHPS scores and penalties for static or embarrassing scores
  • Concern about consumer scrutiny and the social media grapevine
  • Loss of relationships in a stressful work atmosphere
  • The complex challenges inherent in team-delivered care
This program will help you:
  • Be perceived as an effective and empathic physician
  • Earn confidence, respect and loyalty from your patients
  • Earn respect, trust and collaboration from colleagues on the care team
  • Better engage patients and families, so they participate actively in their care and adhere to their care plans and commitments
  • Understand your patients’ individual needs, perspectives, and values
  • Achieve higher CAHPS scores and qualify for higher earnings under pay-for-performance
  • Experience less stress as you enjoy more satisfying relationships
  • Find your work more gratifying and joyful
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