sh-08-lr2nd117【送料無料】 【メーカー直送・代引不可】美しい木目の天然木ワイドチェスト 3段 幅117cm Loarシリーズ 日本製・完成品|Loar-ロア- type2
ブックスタンド(ナチュラル) MM-7205NA
HARIMハリム HLA007 bangle/バングルSILVER925/シルバーnative/ネイティブハンドメイド/アンティークメンズ/レディース/アクセサリー

上等な XSR900 カラー:ブラック シートカバー その他シートパーツ ユニットガレージ GARAGE UNIT-フレーム







Seat covers in genuine leather.
The material of the original seat did not do justice to the look of the Yamaha. So we replaced it with something ”real”. We have selected the best tanneries and leather from Italian origin and not treated with pentachlorophenol. Cover handmade and sewn with cotton thread. The saddle with this cover is more comfortable thanks to the added layer of padding sewn into the inside of the cover.
For a correct installation it requires a bit of manual skill, if you do not feel secure, we reccomend asking an upholsterer.
1. Remove the seat from your bike,
2. Remove the original cover by removing the staples,
3. Replace it with this our seat cover. Fix in place with staples keeping it nicely centered.
True black leather; The color matches perfectly with that of other accessories with details .

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PRIMARIO ティッシュケース PM03

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